Travel, Aviation Medicine and Occupational Health



Travel & Aviation Medicine


We have experience at handling travel medicine requests. The surgery uses the MASTA database, as well as the Atlanta Centre for Disease Control (CDC) site to access quality information about your trip. Qantas gives very sensible general advice about air travel and health problems at  . 

We strongly suggest you consult at least 1 month prior to travel and 2 months is ideal. We will need the dates and locations of the proposed itinerary. Dr Clare Van Rooy is a registered and certified provider of the Yellow Fever Vaccination.  If requiring this vaccination, it is recommended to see a General Practitioner 6 weeks prior to travel.


The practice can also assist in planning and assessment as to the suitability of your proposed schedule and activities.


Overseas medical care varies greatly from country to country and may require contingency planning. In general, trips to Europe, Singapore, Japan and North America require no or minimal medical preparation. Trips to the USA require extensive medical insurance. Some countries in Europe such as the UK have good reciprocal emergency care arrangements.

 A detailed article on aspects of airline travel health matters can be found at  . Professional level advice regarding the assessment of patients with respiratory illness prior to travel are provided by the British Thoracic Society at  .





Occupational Health & Safety Medicine (OHS)


The practice is an approved provider for InjuryNET Occupation Health Services including pre-employment medical examinations. These services typically require a minimum of 30 minutes time when booking as well as 15 minutes with a practice nurse prior to the booking with a doctor.


Dr Mark Peterson is able to provide a CASA accredited Aviation Medical service for pilots and air traffic controllers.  


Arrangements can be also made for Diving Medical Examinations.

Spatial Disorientation in Aviation Spatial Disorientation in Aviation (116 KB)

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