Our Philosophy of Practice

The practice was commenced as a two doctor practice in 1991 by Dr Van Rooy and Dr Peterson.

Over the years our philosophy has been to consult with patients giving sufficient time to address medical problems in a thorough manner.

Our Practice Philosophy is -            

  1.  Skill retention and development.
  2.  Personal care for families.
  3.  Dealing with as full a range of services and procedures as possible within the local medical setting.
  4.  Life-long learning: we encourage practice colleagues to study and advance their skills, and to participate in learning and teaching activities within and outside the practice.
  5.  Collaborative practice: this involves colleagues at all levels of training collaborating with each other, seeking a consensus of opinion where necessary, to take full advantage of the safety, scope and educational benefits of group practice and professional interaction.
  6.  A courteous, professional and non-discriminatory approach to patient care regardless of the nature of the problem.
  7.  Active patient participation in health care.