Teaching, Learning and Research

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The practice supports lifelong professional learning. The practice has paid access to the New England Journal of Medicine and the Up To Date website, both based in the USA, and these along with other web sites available to practitioners, provide an extensive resource for professional and patient education. We also have a video library of medical procedures for use by registrars and students. We are currently exploring the extension of our subscriptions to include the British Medical Journal. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners have extensive library and web resources for use, as does our local training provider Valley to Coast. The practice uses the Atlanta Centre for Disease Control (CDC) website for access to travel medicine advice.

The practice also has a book library jointly contributed to by all the doctors, which encompasses a wide range of sources. The use of the Internet at the professional level has considerable impact on how we go about solving clinical problems. Sequential nomograms and flow charts are often available to assist in the investigation and understanding of less common problems. This can be helpful in the presence of time or cost barriers for patients. Regularly updated web resources also make a significant contribution to keeping our knowledge current and based on the best available evidence.

We hold a scheduled meeting every week at Thursday lunch and all staff are invited.

These meetings may involve a review of difficult cases discussed on a confidential basis, a presentation of a conference attendance, or an interesting topic presented by a doctor, nurse or medical student. Once or twice a month a visitor such as a local specialist physician, nurse or pharmacist will give a presentation. Our lunchtime meeting is also a chance to iron out any clinical process matters in the practice, and swap views and opinions on the best way to do things.

Staff will frequently attend conferences on weekends or weeks away. Our nurses regularly attend training updates.

The practice has GP Registrar positions and is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) for this purpose. Dr Peterson and Van Rooy are examiners for the postgraduate examination of the RACGP, and participate in teaching academic work for the School of Medicine and Population Health, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle.

From time to time, medical students (often more nervous than the patients) are welcomed into the practice to study, and we hope you will feel free to have them work with you, as they are supervised carefully. The practice is a rare opportunity for the medical students to learn, and they value the experience highly.

If you would prefer a student to not be present, we would always respect your decision.

The practice is also a member of the Newcastle University Research Network, and participates in general practice research from time to time.