In a life-threatening emergency at home you should Ring '000'. This is particularly important if you have marked chest pain.

The surgery is well equipped to handle unwell patients, and if you feel it’s safer to just present to the surgery we will look after you until transfer to the correct hospital can be arranged. If you are an existing patient, the presence of your past medical records can aid subsequent care in the hospital setting.

The surgery has a well-equipped treatment room with facilities to manage the initial aspects of cardiac arrest and defibrillation, airway management and intubation, intravenous/interosseous access, severe infections, and most other urgent medical problems.

Most lacerations can be managed within the practice unless they involve a major structure such as a tendon or a joint. Fractures that do not require immediate significant reduction or internal fixation are often managed locally, at times with the advice of the relevant orthopaedic service. X ray and CT scan facilities are now locally available for the assessment of mild to moderate community acquired pneumonia and fractures.

If you have severe psychiatric symptoms and require immediate care for your safety we will try to assist.

The Australian Government has just launched a new Website Initiative to aid in Emergency Procedures. www.triplezero.gov.au is a fantastic resource with up to date information on how to stay focused, stay relevant and stay on the line in an Emergency situation.

With great fact sheet downloads, other emergency numbers and information about the emergency call service, it helps provide community education about this important medical service.

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