Bonnells Bay Surgery

Our History


Bonnells Bay Surgery was started in April 1991 when Dr Van Rooy and Dr Peterson came to Lake Macquarie for a holiday soon after finishing General Practice training. The area seemed pleasant, and the local chemist mentioned that there wasn’t a GP next to his pharmacy. A respected friend encouraged us to open a practice which was built in just 8 weeks! At the start, the credit squeeze was in full tilt and finance at 19% was exceedingly hard to find. The existing doctors in the area, including Southlake's Practice, and Dr John Evans, were very polite and courteous when we talked to them about our intentions, and we thank them for this.

The practice gradually grew, and for many years, we did our own after hours work day and night, with the help of Dr Merlene Spear from Cooranbong. We have had many “colourful” experiences of the area as a result.

On several occasions the practice needed to expand and gradually grew to 7 consulting rooms, 3 treatment rooms and a nursing office, along with the various administrative rooms and a tearoom/conference room. We always wanted a waiting room where we know most of the people and that has not changed despite our growth.

In July 2019, Bonnells Bay Surgery joined Ochre Health to officially become Ochre Medical Centre Bonnells Bay. We have made this change to ensure the practice and our community support continues strongly for many decades to come. Being part of Ochre Health, a group with high quality values and orientation to patient care, also gives us the opportunity to share ideas and continue to improve the medical services we provide.

We have always had wonderfully skilled and hard-working doctors, nurses and staff since opening the doors in 1991. We are grateful to all of them for our development and the patient care we have been able to offer over the years!



The practice usually has between 3-5 doctors working at one time, and 1-2 nurses, along with a Cardiologist with echocardiogram service, Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist and an Audiologist. View our Clinical Staff and Associates profiles.

One or two of the medical positions are training positions for the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) Fellowship exams, and the registrars are very involved in their educational pursuits. The practice offers nursing home care and house calls as needed, however if you are able to get to the practice this is preferable.

Our after hours is done cooperatively through GP Access at Toronto, however post surgical, very unwell or palliative patients often have an arrangement with the practice for after hours care.