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Dr Mark Peterson attended the annual conference of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine on October 7th, where the main topics were endocrine and eye aspects of aviation certification. Mark especially enjoyed the presentations given by two former undergraduate University colleagues - Dr Ian Cheng who is now a staff Occupational Physician at Royal North Shore Hospital, and Professor Mark McLean, who gave a talk on pituitary disease. Associate Professor Simon Roger, a local renal physician , gave a talk on the complications of diabetes at the same meeting. Dr Bruce King, a senior Paediatrician from John Hunter Hospital also gave the results of very recent research of his team on the altitude related dysfunction of sub-cutaneous insulin pumps in children.

On the 23rd of October Dr Van Rooy and Dr Peterson will be attending a Geriatric Assessment meeting in Melbourne. It is hoped that keeping our geriatric skills up to date will be helpful to the many older patients in the area who rely on the practice.

Some of the practice doctors (Dr Van Rooy, Dr Peterson and Dr Girdler) and nurses are attending several Diabetes Workshops in association with the Hunter Area Health Services specialists.  We have participated in the Diabetes Alliance which has enabled additional specialist input into our patient diabetic health.

Dr Nelson, Visiting Cardiologist, has recently given the doctors and nurses an update on investigations of ischaemic heart disease and in particular, CT scans of coronary arteries.

Later this year the surgery will be involved in an alliance with the area health service for the improvement of care of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (previously known as emphysema) and in the REFRAME Practice activity to improve the care of patients with osteoporosis.

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