Do I have to see a doctor to find out my test result?

After the doctor has checked a result it is stored in a patients’ digital file with the doctors comment. Typically, a normal result of a minor or routine test will not require follow up, but the patient can ring and check the result with the office staff. If a result requires follow up, it is graded into urgent or non-urgent, and the patient will be notified accordingly. If the result is normal, and the patient gives permission for the staff member to open the results page, the comment and full details can be given to the patient.

Major illness related investigation, such as significant tests and scan results relating to the investigation of possible cancer or heart disease (or similar), are always best followed up personally by making an appointment with the doctor to follow up the results, at the time the test is ordered.

  • Most scans take 3 days or so to be reported and returned. 
  • Cardiology test results require about 5 days to return. 
  • Consultation reports from private specialists take up to 10 days to get back to the GP, or 20-25 days from the public clinic system. 
  • Emergency department letters arrive within 1-2 days.
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